Frequently asked questions

Is the jewellery real and certified?

    We only use BIS hallmarked 18kt gold which is the most durable for diamond jewellery and IGI/EGL certified sustainable diamonds. 

    BIS hallmark is a sole agency verified by the Government of India, which authenticates the quality and karat of gold. All cosmos jewellery comes with a laser engraving of the Hallmark code to authenticate the karat of gold and certificate for diamond authenticity,  This can help you resell your piece in the future, if needed.

    What is the quality of your Diamonds?

    All of our diamonds are graded colourless-near colourless (E-F) and are graded (VVS-VS for clarity. Each certificate contains detailed information of the diamond’s cut, carat, color and clarity. we also make beautiful jewellery with color diamonds like pink, blue, yellow. If you have any specific requirement, we are happy to make it possible!

    What about Buyback & Exchange?

    Ofcourse! All your Cosmos pieces have resale value and are eligible for Buyback & Exchange. Please refer our policy guideline for complete details and process for the same.

    What are sustainable diamonds?

    The truth of mined diamonds is no more a mystery. With history of slavery, wastage of water, destruction of the land and habitat caused with Mining.So we really wanted to make a difference.With technology, we can produce a real diamond under controlled conditions inside a laboratory just like it happens inside the earth crust and impact of doing so is huge.

    it is sustainable to grow diamonds with abundantly available carbon and renewable energy. Growing diamonds is certainly energy intensive; however, the impact on the earth to grow diamonds is a fraction of the impact of diamond mining.

    Mining 1 carat of diamond displaces 10,000 sqft land, uses hundreds of gallons of water might result in displacing natural habitat, deforestation and impacts Co2 emissions. all of which can be avoided by choosing sustainable diamonds.

    Is there any other difference to tell apart mined and lab-grown diamonds other than origin?

    Nope, there simply isnt. A jeweller under a microscope cannot tell the difference nor a simple diamond tester which tests chemical composition because they’re both diamonds! Our lab diamonds have the exact same chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds.In most cases, sustainable diamonds are certified Type 2a, which is the purest form of diamonds. Only 2% of all mined diamonds are of that quality. So sustainable diamonds are known to shine brighter with lesser impurities!

    Can you customise jewellery?

    Yes we do. we love brainstorming ideas with you to create your perfect dream piece! it takes around 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity of design. Do drop us a message if you want to customise!

    Finally, why should we opt for Cosmos pieces?

    Because our brand is all about creating beautiful pieces for you. Every design is a meaningful creation. We are an ethical brand bringing sustainable diamonds which are not just good for the earth but atleast 50% less priced than mined diamonds. Each piece is crafted with lots of detail, quality and love!


    1. Setting the stage

    The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond growth process begins with our high-quality Type IIA ‘seeds,’ or thin slices of diamonds. Once placed inside of our proprietary growth chambers, we introduce a tailored mixture of carbon-rich gases, heating them to create a greenhouse-like environment mirroring natural growth conditions.Through the art and magic of science, of discovery and evolution – over time, pure carbon organically bonds with each seed, atom by atom, resulting in the growth of new crystalline structure.

    3. Diamond in the rough

    Once the rough diamonds have reached their optimal height, our team of scientists remove them from the growth chamber, proceed with quality assurance testing, and shepherd the best-of-the-best through to our finishing stages.

    Each Cosmos diamond is then planned, cut and polished by our expert artisans to amplify its brilliance. Finally, it is graded and certified by the world's leading independent laboratories, responsible for assessing the top mined gemstones in the world.

    • Planning

    • Cutting

    • Polishing

    • Certification

    The future of diamonds

    Believe in a new story about diamonds — one guided by the brilliance of science, the innovation of technology, and the freedom of self-discovery. 100% Climate Neutral, and fully traceable diamonds created with purpose. As a Grown in India, Cosmos Diamonds