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The story of diamonds describe them as a pinnacle in luxury and rightly so. These sparkling wonders have been people's desire for millennia. But are they entirely ethical? Not really!

         The history of diamonds is a blood stained one with slavery, war and habitat destruction. The current landscape is not very transparent either. With myths, misinformation in diamond pricing and authenticity. Same old designs with not much relevance to the taste of Indian women across the county and no scope for customisation, they remain overpriced, confusing to understand and unreachable for most people.

we at cosmos have a different story to tell and a better vision to manifest. A world with sustainable diamonds! Fine jewellery with thoughtful designs and best quality diamonds that are actually friendly to the planet and easy on the pocket. A reality where diamond jewellery is sustainable and ever stylish making women of all ages and tastes shine and be their best selves!

With this purposeful mission, I founded Cosmos, being an NID alumnus, designer and strategist who realised the need for a brand like this in the current jewellery landscape. She comes from a family with an established jewellery brand that helped me understand the meticulous detail and effort that goes into making a jewel as well as sentiments and desires that weave around owning these beautiful pieces.

My experience in the corporate world with research and design helped me gain an understanding of today's women and the agility required to make the brand's vision a reality. We are now an all women team managing the brand with skilled artisans and partners making magic happen and changing the world one diamond at a time!

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